2017: A Year in Review

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As every year winds down to a close, I tend to reflect on the past twelve months to see how I’ve grown.

And wow… 2017 was quite an eventful year! Let me walk you through it.

I started off in January with my first colonoscopy… exciting times. It was my first time under anesthesia, which I was very nervous about. For some reason, several people told me anesthesia horror stories, so I was incredibly nervous for this and the other two surgeries I was going to have this year. But all procedures were very uneventful for me! 

In January, I also started my 50 hours of training to become a Stephen Minister.

Towards the end of January, I went to Las Vegas for the first time with my job at the time, which I will simply say was an interesting experience.

Soon after returning from Las Vegas, I had my first foot surgery to fix my bunions in early February. Below, the first picture is both feet before surgery. The next one is my left foot three months post-op (swelling has continued to go down and scar has faded significantly since this picture was taken).

In mid-March, I left my full-time job at the Indoor Air Quality Association after two years to become an assistant wedding planner (which did not last very long… more on that soon).

At the end of March, I started this blog! I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it, which is part of the reason I have not kept up with it very well.

In April, I started volunteering to help one of our pastors with some administrative tasks since I had a lot of free time during the day.

I dyed my hair pink for the first time in April (and again in June!).

Pretty quickly after leaving my comfy corporate job, I realized that I wasn’t cut out to be a wedding planner since I prefered the business side of, well, a business. This led to me starting my own virtual assisting company in May.

Speaking of beginnings, my niece was born in May, just one day before my birthday!

Less exciting, but still noteworthy: I went to the renaissance festival for the first time EVER in May.

May was apparently a very busy month, because I was commissioned as a Stephen Minister in May, too!

Summer was very, very busy.

Blake, Julien, and I started a fun movie night tradition where we rotated who picked the night’s movie and what we would eat for dinner. Blake chose some awful movies, which is hilarious to me, considering that he majored in film in college.

In June, I invested in a course for my business, The Strategy Academy from my biggest business crush, Think Creative Collective.

In July, I went to Blake’s annual family reunion for the first time in our three years of dating.

At the end of July, my volunteer position at my church turned into a part-time job… which might be why the last time I wrote in this blog was also in July!

In August, the boys and I drove to Tiger, GA to view the total solar eclipse, which was so much fun!

In August, I helped Blake pick out a new car. He basically spent the first half of 2017 fighting with two different cars and ultimately decided it was time for a new one. I half-joke that the car buying process was a major test of the strength of our relationship. It was stressful! The car below is not the one he bought, but it is the one that sparked the whole process with CarMax! 

In September, I helped roll out a new Young Adult program, Espresso Theology, at my church.

Apparently nothing exciting happened in October.

Blake and I had the pleasure of taking some swing dancing lessons in November.

The boys and I went to Florida for Thanksgiving with their family in November.

The end of November was my second foot surgery, this time on my right foot. Which means that I’ve had to be chauffeured everywhere, which sometimes makes me feel a little trapped.

And then, we had that weird snow situation in December. I lost power for 40 hours! I ended up being rescued by my mother after my power was out for 15 hours and my house got down to 50 degrees.


And that brings us to now!


My Year in Numbers:

I went to five plays this year:

  1. Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self Help Seminar
  2. Grease
  3. Robin Hood
  4. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  5. Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly.

Apparently I’m loyal, because these shows were put on by only two different theatre companies, the Theatrical Outfit and the Serebe Playhouse

I traveled to San Diego to visit my sister and her family three times (in March, June, and October).

I went to seven soccer games to cheer on Julien and learned that I’m pretty competitive in these environments. 


I learned some important lessons about myself this year, like that I have a bad habit of jumping into new things head first and then realizing halfway down that it wasn’t what I wanted. So, I’m trying to take things a little more slowly and intentionally going forward.

For 2018, I’m planning on getting a paper calendar to write down memories for me and the boys so I don’t have to go back through my Google Calendar and try to remember what happened solely based on the events listed.

I’m looking forward to a great 2018 (I’m turning 25… eek!). I can’t wait to see what it holds for me.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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